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Good Morning Guys!

With Valentine’s day being tomorrow. I decide to do a fun YouTube Tag Video. Just answering a few questions on the subject of Valentine’s. Valentine’s doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom if you are single or full of mushiness (unless you are that way inclined). It’s a day just like any other day and should only serve to remind you to love yourself first and foremost because if you don’t it is really hard for someone to love you. I also thought I would do a quick Valentine’s Post here on my blog too again this one is lighthearted and well meaning blog post just to remind you to love yourself on Valentine’s day.

We should really love ourselves every day but I can appreciate life can get in the way sometimes and we have so mach responsibility we for get we have to look after ourselves too; but try for at least once a week, to spend time on yourself, its good for the soul! I have no factual evidence to back up my claim but just let’s go with it this one time!

A couple of things you can do to show yourself some love…on Valentine’s day or any other

1) Start the day right… Eat Breakfast

Cook yourself a yummy breakfast for 1 If you normally skip breakfast or have something cold a hot meal to start the day, I think is the way to go. Really take the time to enjoy it and savour every last bite, It doesn’t have to be a massive fry up if you don’t want it to be, but for those of us in the northern hemisphere it is winter and a nice hot meal to start the day can’t be wrong, am I right?!  See my recipe for yummy banana and almond meal porridge here or scour the net for some ideas.


2) Have a nice relaxing bath/shower

Pamper yourself at home who needs a spa day. Have a nice soak in he tub with a bath bomb or bath salts, light some candles and read a good book in the bath. Unwinding and relaxing is good for the soul. when the water starts to get cold top it up and enjoy.

If you don’t have a bath enjoy a nice hot shower. Pull out the good shower gel and give your hair a wash and really enjoy spending time on you. I know for certain I enjoy giving my scalp a good massage when washing my hair. I find it invigorates me and puts a smile on my face.

The point here whether you have a bath or a shower is to simply spend more time on yourself in the bathroom. Oftentimes with busy schedules, we dash in and dash out, I say not today!

3) Take some time in the day to do something you like to do

Be it exercise, going for a walk, playing with the children, reading a book, going to the cinema, baking, spending time with friends, family or significant other…whatever it is! Try and find time in the day to do it and enjoy it!

4) Give yourself a little gift…if you want

It really doesn’t have to be lavish but you could spend a little money (if you have it) on yourself! buy yourself some flowers…

© Matthias33 | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Or perhaps some chocolate…

© Jinyoung Lee | Dreamstime Stock Photos

or a good book or whatever small (small being the operative word-don’t go out and break the bank) gift/treat you can enjoy

Finally, rest assured it is only one day but instead of making it about love and romance for someone else make it about love and romance for you and we should do this once a week people. That is 52 in a year where we should show ourselves some love. there are still 313 days where we can show love to others and let life get in the way 🙁

Is there anything I have forgotten? What will you be doing on Valentine’s day or the other 51 love days we are allowing ourselves? Let me know

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