Get to know me! Things About Me!

things about me blog post

things about me blog post

I thought I would get you to know me better! Seeing I have been doing this blogging thing for the past 2 months we need to get a little more personable, don’t you think?

Things about me….

So this blog post is like I said all about me I thought seeing as I’ve done the 25 things about me tag which you can find below, and I recently shared with you my childhood story about dating in desperation. (Find out why I did it and what that means for me as an adult here) I decided that hey! that wasn’t enough. That I should share some random facts about me that the YouTube tag does not allow me to share with you.

I mean, we seem to be getting to know on another better but there are a few things you are yet to know about me some things I am gonna share here in this post

  • 1) My favourite colour is Green. Not any shade of green neon green like my headphones and wellies in this picture

My #FannyWang's match my #wellies #winter #london #neon #green

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but to be honest I tend to love anything bright, pink, yellow, orange, purple and red.

  • 2) My first friend was called Shannon and she lived not too far from my Nanny Erma and Granddad’s house before they moved back to Barbados when I was 7 (technically three/four facts here but I won’t be pedantic)
  • 3)When I was younger I wanted to be a lawyer.
  • 4) Then an actress and I went to drama classes and studied Drama at college and University
  • 5) I had my first proper kiss at 16 and it was wet and sloppy and really gross and he had the cheek to tell me I was a bad kisser!
  • 6)When I was younger I used to get into lots of fights at school because I was insensitive. I can still be a little insensitive but realise this is a flaw of mine and consciously make an effort to be less so.
  • 7) I auditioned for Kidulthood but there was an issue and they wanted to audition us again. I didn’t go back. I often wonder what if…
  • 8) I hate tomato ketchup. Ewwww….
  • 9) My favourite ice cream is pistachio!
  • 10) I studied British Sign Language (BSL) to Level 1.
  • 11) I am 5 foot 1.5 inches tall
  • 12) On my maternal Grandmother’s side I am the only Granddaughter

things about me blog post

Me and my Maternal Grandmother

  • 13) I love clothes and shoes and am always working on making my collection bigger.
  • 12) I have a thing about touching toilet doors as I have seen too many people leave and not wash their hands #GROSS
  • 13) I sway between being agnostic and atheist although my family would identify as being Christian.
  • 14) I have been to Iceland. It was so cold if you know me that is an unusual choice of holiday destination as a result of my hatred for cold weather. Such a beautiful country though see a picture below.

things about me blog post

  • 15) I almost always support the underdog
  • 16) I do not like strawberry flavoured things but like strawberries.

things about me blog post

  • 17) I am a feminist. In the true sense of the word. So, no I do not hate men.
  • 18) I love roller coasters but I get very scared when I am waiting in the queue.
  • 19) I try to eat a high protein, high fat (healthy fats) and moderate carb diet
  • 20) I currently have 4 tattoos and 14 piercings although both numbers are likely to increase at some stage.
  • 21) It is the dream to be self employed, and not only be self employed but able to work from anywhere in the world so I could see more of it.
  • 22) My favourite biscuit is a toss up between a simple malted milk and Marks and Spencer’s pistachio and almond cookies.
  • 23) I suffer from arachnophobia but I actually do not understand why any living creature needs to have more than 4 limbs. #Confused

things about me blog post

Why does any living thing need to have more than 4 limbs? Why, oh why?!

  • 24) My shoe size is 4.5/ 5
  • 25) My favourite shops are River Island, New Look and Zara. I also shop ASOS very often too

So there you have it 25 additional things about me check out the YouTube video below to see the 25 things about me tag that I did.

Please do not forget to send me your questions for my #AshAsh the aim is to answer any and all questions that you throw at me in a considered way. If I get enough questions I will do a monthly segment so please email your questions if they are personal to or hit me up on my social media below


Until next time guys


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