Winter Lights


Go Check Out The Winter Lights!

So I took a trip to Canary Wharf to see The Winter Lights. I dunno where I have been but I didn’t know that it was a thing until last year when my friend went and saw them in the West End. I think the disappointment in my face let her know I was a bit miffed she didn’t think to tell me about it so this year she was said, ‘Those lights are back, Let’s go!’ So we took a gander to the business district of the East End this week where the lights are running until January 27th 4-9pm

Obviously, I don’t want to spoil it for you but I definitely want to share the images I captured, I mean sharing is caring after all! So if you want to check it out and dislike spoilers perhaps do not look at the images at the bottom of this post!

What you need to know…..

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Be prepared for crowds, thousands are expected over the course of the two weeks
  • People with photosensitive epilepsy, be mindful, there are numerous flashing installations
  • Make sure your Camera is charged and carry charged spare batteries don’t do what I did…. My DSLR was redundant after 30 minutes!
  • Grab a map from inside the station or the shopping centre. If you get lost ask the friendly guides
  • Wrap up warm it is January in the northern hemisphere after all….
  • Find out more from Winterlights themselves here

Now to the good stuff the photos and videos

Anyway just a quick one! I will be back with more soon! I have that huge gap to make up for! Let me know what you think of the lights! Are you heading there? Did you check them out last year? Keep in touch with me on my social media! Let me know!



Until next time!

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