2015 Year End Review

ashleigh ashleighsworld.com

2015 Year End Review

ashleigh ashleighsworld.com

So I thought I would get one more post in before 2015 ends and why not make it a post about the year?So Here is my post lazily but aptly titled…. 2015 Year End Review. I have decided that this year was meant to challenge me and to help me grow and develop as a person because it was very trying. I want to be as honest as I can on this blog not just sharing with you the best bits of my life but also some of the stuff that is not so easy to share. which is really hard but I thought I would do a quick run down before I go off and get ready for New Years Eve celebrations.


My blog was born! Wahoo. I worked tirelessly on it until I shared my URL with the world. My blog although it has taken a back seat as the year has progressed it is still one of my biggest achievements and a constant reminder of what I want to do and actually doing it. The fact that I am still creating content and telling people about it, people are checking out my site makes me very happy. It’s still in its infancy but I have high aspirations where Ashleigh’s World is concerned



I spent a lot of time nurturing my blog and creating content both for the blog and my Youtube Channel Ashleigh’s World. My Grandparents were coming to visit. They live in Barbados and I really had no complaints with life other than being slightly homesick and having no money because I was always travelling back to London to see my friends and family.  the end of March though I cut my hair super short after transitioning to natural; which simply means, having no chemical alterations to my hair. I went from this…

ashleigh ashleighsworld.com

To this….

ashleigh ashleighsworld.com

It was a complete shock to the system and I documented how it made me feel with this video I posted to YouTube.

It was a lot and even watching that video back I can’t believe how honest I was so early on. I don’t know why but going from long to short and not being able to hide behind my hair was totally new to me. Now I cannot get enough of my ‘fro.


Life got a little more challenging during these months. My Grandad was diagnosed with Cancer of the eye and that his vision could not be saved and if they did not remove his eye he would lose the other. My Nan kept having difficulties with her balance and continuously fell over and was unable to grip things and she too went into a hospital. My boyfriend played football and was released from his club. We had moved in together and me away from home, so the fact that he no longer had a club and could be signed by a club anywhere, if at all was very stressful for us. I contractually had a position in my organisation for another financial year but would need to find a job to relocate either back to London with my family or wait to see where he was signed. Doing the latter, though, seemed foolish to me, as I didn’t want to have to follow him around the country. Neither could I afford to stay in the house we rented on my own until I found a job back in London or wherever he ended up.

This was the beginning of what would be a very stressful year for me.


My boyfriend found a club in London but my Grandparents health continued to deteriorate. My Grandad had surgery but was stressed as my Nan continued her hospital stay. The medication she was on negatively affecting her diabetes. The doctors seemingly unable to manage her muscle condition and her blood sugar levels, stress levels were very high for me and my family.  I normally go mad when it comes to my birthday which is in July and I could just about muster some energy to go out for food with my family and meet a few friends in the park applying for jobs is exhausting. I did, however, find the time to write an open letter to my Dad on Father’s Day.


My Boyfriend and I split up.  He couldn’t keep travelling back and forth from London to where we were or pay rent twice. We weren’t happy and it just seemed like the best thing to do. I continued to apply for jobs with no luck and really wasn’t sure if I should quit my job return to my parents and see if I can join an agency for work any work. Luckily a work mate of mine offered me her spare room for a couple weeks and another offered me hers on a short term basis but I’ve been then since mid-August and she has a lodger now…

This was also the month of the Big Blogger Conference and I won star blogger twice and made loads of contacts don’t ask me how I still have an endless amount of products I need to review. I will, I promise I will.


Still applying for jobs, still not getting interviews and feeling a little soul destroyed, quite frankly. Some positives are that my grandparents are both out of the hospital and . my friend Rachael and I went for a much-needed break to Portugal. I actually vlogged this trip and it will be one of the first posts of 2016. All my time is dedicated to applying for jobs and prepping for interviews and Youtube is all but fallen by the wayside as has my blog. The tail end of this year follows the same pattern but with some highlights. My mum turning 50. I don’t know how but I fell out with quite a few people and I took it quite badly. It was just something else on top of everything else. I realised though that I was decluttering. Decluttering is essential for personal growth.It is also good for self-care. I need to focus on me, myself and I. It may sound selfish but caring about things you have no control over and worrying detracts from your self-care cup. Self-care is paramount as is knowing your self-worth and appreciating all you have got. I think this year was really sent to try me and my resolve and help me to become a better person. So as much as this year had many lows. I appreciate them and the highs. However, 2016 can only and will only be better!


I want to leave on this positive and show you some picture highlights of 2015. So, here they are…

Here is this one from Instagram it’s a collection of my #2015BestNine

ashleigh ashleighsworld.com

And the rest on sliders…



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