Open Letter to My Dad on Father’s Day Father's day Post

Open Letter to My Dad on Father’s Day


So with it being Father’s Day I just wanted to acknowledge it by penning an open letter to him on my site. I know that there are some people who for whatever reason are unable to spend father’s day with theirs which is incredibly sad. Some mothers on the other hand, use Father’s day as a day to curse out their ‘sperm donors’ and praise themselves for being great fathers for their children because the person they chose to create their babies with didn’t live up to their expectations Rolls eyes.

So the idea for this post came to me after I had seen countless negative messages on social media. I decided that actually we seem to man bash a lot and this post is going to be a positive one. Father's day Post

So without further a do….

Dear Dad,

I just want you to know that I love you and appreciate you and here is why…

You helped raise me and I think you did  a damn good job of it, If I do say so myself! Although I think Christopher would also attest to that! You taught me how to ride a bike, roller skate and blade! You taught me how to wash dishes, make bread, work the microwave, kettle and light the stove. You told me the best components of a fry up, yet I’ve never made you breakfast in bed! Although that’s your own fault! You wanna know why? Well, you don’t ever have a lie in, even when your sick!

You are always finding something to tidy and fix! On that note you taught me how to change a lightbulb, change a fuse and swap out a flat tyre! You helped me clean my room when it got really bad and you helped me put together my bed and desk. I guess for you it was a giant jigsaw puzzle. Which reminds me how we used to sit and play with jigsaws, you also taught me how to play dominoes and still to this day if you don’t win then I do! Hee hee! You taught e the art of gracious defeat, never a man to be smug despite often having amazing foresight. You are very humble despite being multi-talented so I am in part writing this post to scream this loudly on my little slice of internet pie. I won’t tell the world too much though as I am aware that you are extremely reserved.

However I want to continue on and say, you took me to endless swimming lessons, Tae Kwon Do classes, drama rehearsals and auditions and have helped me move out and move back home countless times.

You are one of my biggest supporters. You championed me and motivated me to keep going when I failed my driving tests. You took me out to get me extra practice and you gave me advice on boys and even told me about the birds and the bees! That was so awkward. I cringe now thinking about it! but I needed that! Needed to know that you were there for me and I could ask you for advice.


I will say one thing though that’s not quite so positive. You failed to teach me, despite me being an avid and eager learner, the art of skimming stones! Grrr…You always get multiple skims and my stones just seem to hit the water with a thud and a splash! 🙁

It doesn’t however take away from the fact that YOU. ARE. A. LEGEND!

I can only hope that I have been what you hoped for in a daughter. That although I, may have been and probably still am incredibly trying. That you are proud of me cos I’m proud of you.

I love you Dad.

Happy Father’s Day

Mwah Xx

I think here would be a good place to put some pics of my fab dad! Father's day Post Father's day Post Father's day Post Father's day Post Father's day Post

    How Brilliant us your dad?

    Hit me up in the comments, let me know


    Until next time! Peace!


    • 22 June, 2015 7:12 pm

      This is so sweet! I bet your dad was really touched reading it. 🙂

      • Ashleigh
        24 June, 2015 7:28 pm

        Yeah he was. HE was like “You forget all those little things that you do when raising a child. Thanks for reminding me and appreciating me.” I thought that was super sweet.

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