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#MyChocBloggers Chocolate Making Blogging Event 26.04.15

So on Sunday morning I got up bright and early for my first blogging event! Now since I have been blogging only since the end of January I was rather excited and nervous at the prospect of meeting new people who would understand what it is I am doing or at least attempting to do and me, ever Miss friendly was rather excited at the prospect of meeting new people and having a natter. Now I am going to play into the stereotypical English troupe but I actually enjoying having a natter over a cup of tea! But alas! Chocolate would have to do!

So on the banks of Regent’s canal in Hackney not too far from Britannia and Coleville Estate, if any of you know it I walked into My Chocolate a workshop/space where we could get our chocolate making on.

There were 3 workstations set out and I went to one already filled with a few bloggers and introduced myself. At my table was Amanda who can be found on twitter @gingermumblog and here on her site. We had the delectable Fran @franmcmonagle and her site. Leanne who runs brokeinthebigsmoke.com and is on twitter @brokeinthesmoke, Elle @ElleBloggs and her site, Kate @iamkatemaxwell and her site, Hayley @ItsJustMeHD and her site and Pippa who is currently off twitter until she has finished her exams but her blog is ballpoints and biscuits

The company was founded by a woman named Hannah 12 years ago when she should have been studying she dropped out and set up her chocolate company after she got ideas from Amsterdam! By golly gosh! I wish I was that business savvy when I was that age! Anyhow she passed us on to the delectable Davis who took us through our workshop. #MyChocBloggers 26.04.15 ashleighsworld.comI didn’t manage to get a picture of Hannah 🙁

We got to taste some chocolate wahoo and make truffles and Davis got us to taste higher and lesser quality chocolate and you could really taste the difference as I have gotten older and my palate has adapted I found myself really enjoying the higher quality chocolate (go figure!) and liking the two varieties they got us to sample. White chocolate with lemon, vanilla and poppy seeds and a dark chocolate variety which was ginger, cardamon and cinnamon.

Anyway let me stop talk and show you what we got up to!

#MyChocBloggers 26.04.15 ashleighsworld.com #MyChocBloggers 26.04.15 ashleighsworld.com #MyChocBloggers 26.04.15 ashleighsworld.com #MyChocBloggers 26.04.15 ashleighsworld.com #MyChocBloggers 26.04.15 ashleighsworld.com #MyChocBloggers 26.04.15 ashleighsworld.com #MyChocBloggers 26.04.15 ashleighsworld.comThe Dark chocolate, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon that we got to taste#MyChocBloggers 26.04.15 ashleighsworld.comThe white chocolate, lemon and poppyseed that we tried.#MyChocBloggers 26.04.15 ashleighsworld.com #MyChocBloggers 26.04.15 ashleighsworld.com #MyChocBloggers 26.04.15 ashleighsworld.com #MyChocBloggers 26.04.15 ashleighsworld.com#MyChocBloggers 26.04.15 ashleighsworld.comSo what happens when you let us go with chocolate? All hell breaks loose! It was such a blast dipping and decorating and it was so messy that I had to put my camera down to properly focus on what I was doing

#MyChocBloggers 26.04.15 ashleighsworld.com #MyChocBloggers 26.04.15 ashleighsworld.com #MyChocBloggers 26.04.15 ashleighsworld.com #MyChocBloggers 26.04.15 ashleighsworld.com #MyChocBloggers 26.04.15 ashleighsworld.comWe then took the requisite group snap before some of us continued on to get food at The Diner, Essex Road

#MyChocBloggers 26.04.15 ashleighsworld.comThe event was superb so wanna shout at Lauren for organising such a fab event @Blonde_Vision and @MyChocolateUK I had such a bast.

I forgot to mention that My Chocolate also do Hen parties, corporate events and provide kits for you to host your own chocolate events and they do experience packages that you can purchase for a friend so check them out here and here.

Just so you are aware I have not had my arm twisted dangerously behind my back with the demand of say nice things about me or the arm will be broken! I genuinely had a nice time and met some lovely people at #MyChocBloggers even if I did fall over in the restaurant (I hope nobody saw me, So embarrassing)!

So until next time people, you know the drill hit me up on my social media and I will see you on the next post!

Mwah Xx



  • 29 April, 2015 12:30 pm

    Was so nice to meet you Ashleigh! Reading your post is making me want to be back there 🙂


    • Ashleigh
      30 April, 2015 5:09 am

      Yeah I had so much fun! It was fab meeting you too. Hopefully we can catch up at another event

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