Keeping resolutions| Cycle of change

So its about this time of year people would have made and perhaps started to break resolutions. That pesky cycle of change!!!!!

Hopefully this video will help you keep to resolutions you may have made, by giving you tips and tricks to support, motivate and perhaps inspire you. Well at the very least let you know that you are not alone and this is something that affects others!  To be honest resolutions do not just have to be something that you do in January and these hints and tips in the video can be applied to anything you start at anytime of the year. I mention smoking and losing weight because generally people want to be healthy and make changes to have a better life in January when I made this video.

However this can be applied to any resolution you choose to make, whether that is to be more social, get outside of your comfort zone, apply for a promotion or to do better in school/college/university (delete where applicable!)

Sometimes we spend too much time being comfortable and avoiding change when actually change can be good and allow you to experience things that you may not have otherwise.

This year I have decided will be a good year for me, I think it. I write it. I speak it, therefore it will be!!!!!

I am going to challenge myself to do something outside of my comfort zone at least twice a month. Lifting an extra kilo or two at Crossfit, Climbing the stairs at work (I hate it but I know its good for me!) or simply speaking to new people and networking with others.

With someone to support you, almost anything is possible. Be resolute! And NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER give up!

Just remember… ‘A dripping tap will still fill a sink’- Can’t remember where I heard that quote or who the author of said quote is but its applicable so I am gonna use it!


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