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#DearMe | International Women’s day

So today is International Women’s Day, and YouTube have done a hashtag to commemorate it. The hashtag is #DearMe.Which is where you record an open letter so to speak to your younger self, See others doing it here in this advert….

I myself could have benefitted from many words of wisdom so I recorded a YouTube video of myself to myself and thought I would share it as part of this campaign.

International women’s day is so important to me for so many different reasons and I wasn’t sure how I would go about acknowledging the day in a blog post and this I felt was a good way to go about it because; if just one person sees this video and is inspired then I did a good thing. Doing an open letter/Video to yourself is brilliant to because it reminds you of where you started and allows you to reflect upon where you are headed and stay motivated.

Anyway here is my #DearMe video….

I hope that you can take something from it to…

One thing I forgot to say to my younger self was to enjoy life because being an adult is not that fun and the most fun you will have is being young carefree and without responsibility. Enjoying the wonders of life and first time experiences. Even in my late twenties this is something that I strive to do, because, and sounding very cliche here… ‘Life is too short and you never know when a new experience is coming your way so embrace it!’


What would you tell your younger self? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on my social media! Also just cos your a guy doesn’t eliminate you from taking part!

Mwah Xx




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