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So this post is all about Crossfit and my journey to a leaner, fitter, healthier and stronger me!

I have been going to Crossfit now since I finished the ONRAMP training in October of last year (2014) but my fitness and nutrition journey started before then when I realised that most people in my family have diabetes, suffer from high blood pressure and eventually die after suffering a stroke. None of these things appealed to me and I decided that the way forward was to make changes. Being a diminutive 5 foot 1 inch it doesn’t take much for me to look for want of a better word squat. I wanted to avoid the genetic misfortunes of my family and actually exercise, because everyone knows I love me my food!

My dad after being diagnosed with slightly high blood pressure took up running and I couldn’t let the old man beat me in a race! Well unfortunately my dad can indeed beat me in a race (I hate running) but I know for a fact that I could probably beat him in a Crossfit workout of the day!!! Well… I can’t know that for a fact but I am pretty certain that I can. Dad whenever you are ready, you let me know!

So why have I decided to join Crossfit then?

Well because it is bloody brilliant! The crossfit Gym I attend is in an industrial estate in a Warehouse (if you know me you know I SERIOUSLY get off on some exposed brickwork!)

The Coaches are very knowledgeable and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! There is loads of camaraderie and everyone makes a real effort to make you feel welcomed when you join and both encourage and motivate you when you are participating in the workout of the day. Even though they are doing it with you and they are, as close to death, from lactic acid build up as you are! Another reason I decided to participate in Crossfit is because I have only heard good things about it. I know some people have had horror stories, but those i personally know all suggested I do  Crossfit as I like the varied workouts and would benefit from introducing a weights routine into my regime. I attend the Dawn Patrol class which is as you can imagine early- 6.30am to be exact. Which in the summer I am sure will be lovely, in the middle of winter not so much. I am there scraping ice off my car hoping desperately that I make it by 6.30 to avoid press-ups issued because I was late! After a warm up (night time-morning 1k jog sometimes in the rain anyone???) Stretching follows this and then it is onto the strength or skills base part of the class where we do just that, get better at a skill we require or focus on weight training. This is then followed by the WOD which can be anything from a 5 minute to a 30 minute workout. These 5 minute workouts are just as draining physically as the 30 minute ones because you are going flat out as there is only 5 minutes!

Some classes the workouts are as many rounds as possible within the allocated time and others are team based with you working in a pair or trio to complete the WOD as quickly as possible. Despite never really being a fan of weight training before Crossfit, the benefits of weight training for me has been fab. I would like to say that I am lovely, svelte


and super lean but that hasn’t happened yet although I have been fortunate enough to be small in stature. I have noticed that I am so much stronger than before and that my problem areas-my arms and stomach- although still problem areas for me are smaller and less problematic. My legs are more toned. My thighs are screaming and look so much better in clothes. I am beginning to have more defined shoulders and…. I LOVE IT!!!!! I am getting stronger every day and I have at present a personal best from back squat on the board at Crossfit! I am proud to say I can back squat 40kg for 3 reps no problems! Get in Ash! I can only get stronger and stronger and I seriously get a buzz out of it.

If you are considering an exercise regime I can highly recommend an affiliated Crossfit gym. My arms however, wouldn’t recommend it, as for that matter neither would my hair, this week I have flung on a satin scarf and a beanie hat and called it a day I  haven’t had the strength in my arms after Crossfit to do my hair! Lol.


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