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Hey guys so I just wanted to write a blog post about Brighton. I wasn’t sure how to do it but I have realised upon reflection that Brighton has reinforced some things about me that I knew deep down but hadn’t really known on a conscious level about myself.

I have always been rather independent but going away and doing something unfamiliar will definitely show you things about yourself and those experiences allow you to grow and mature as a person. I am always on a path of enlightenment and self development. Being in Brighton has definitely confirmed 5 things about me That I want to share with you…

1) I like my own space

I can’t say Brighton has taught me this but has reinforced this in my mind. As much as I love my boyfriend and have begun to truly enjoy living with him. I like having my own space! I enjoy being able to sleep diagonally across the bed. A very comfortable bed I hasten to add! I also enjoy being able to  fart in bed comfortable in the knowledge only I will have to tolerate the smell! Tmi? Maybe. But…alone time is definitely needed to recharge.

I am currently in my hotel room drinking a Bailey’s latte watching Take Me Out and I’m comfortable just being alone.

2) I LOVE the sea!

Absolutely love it! I actually sat on pebbles in February to eat my lunch, whilst looking out at the glorious sea. This is despite the wind lashing me on the back….


I must really love the sea to do that!

3) I love a bookstore

I actually was almost late to the conference I was attending because I ended up in Waterstone’s and was consumed and engrossed in all the books. 4 glorious floors of books. I can appreciate the kindle app on my tablet but there is something to be said about holding a book and turning the pages and trying to angle the book so you can lie down and read whilst in bed! I will write another post about the books I purchased shortly….

4) I love my food!

I have eaten so much from the hotel. Unlimited cooked and continental breakfast and I’ve had two course dinners for the past two nights and tonight will be no different! I gotta work so hard next week to ensure I burn it off!


5) It’s okay to say NO.

I can honestly say despite attending conference on my own and getting to know people whilst there. I was confident in my abilities, when asked if I was going to the social to say; “Thank you for the offer, but I am going to pass this time, thanks for the invite” I know that it’s okay, I won’t offend people and its okay to be in your own company and don’t feel like you have to say yes to anything you don’t want to. People will still speak to you, the earth will continue to spin and you will feel better in yourself because you haven’t forced yourself to do something you really didn’t want to.

So on this Saturday evening I am in bed with my Bailey’s content in the knowledge that Brighton has reinforced somethings I kinda knew but now I definitely know for sure.


Has anywhere done this for you? Let me know!

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