They Call Me Mellow Yellow… #ootd mellow yellow

So today’s blog post is an Outfit of the day! Yay!

I have been waiting for glorious weather so I could put on some items I have purchased recently so I could put together a look book. I fell in love with a trench coat from River Island that is just delectable and with the sun shining I just had to put it on and parade around in it like a peacock.


Trench Coat unfortunately no longer available in yellow here

White Jeans here

White shirt here

Shoes unfortunately are quite a few years old and were from New Look. #ootd mellow yellowI’m not even remotely sure why I have decided to call this blog post mellow yellow because this is certainly NOT mellow. Its loud and proud and it is in your face! I love it!

This exudes a major personality trait of mine, Loud, some might say garish but definitely exuberant and I think this is why I am so often drawn to colour. With the nights getting longer and the sun making a much needed and might I say, welcomed appearance; brights like this remind me that summer is on its way. That fun and frolicking can ensue. That sunglasses can come out and stun! ‘Stunners on got my stunners on!’ Love that song too its one by Jagged Edge! Anyway of topic, where was I? Oh Yes… Legs can be freed from the constraints of tights and boots, and whilst I do love me a good knee high from time to time, I love getting pedicures more! Not only that being able to show them off! To be able to sit in the park with friends with an ice cream from the ice cream van man, a picnic and soak up the sun whilst having a game of rounders! Or better yet a barbeque in the back garden! Everyone, burger or sausage in hand sipping Pimms! Sigh! That to me is bliss 🙂

Yes summer is on its way and my Yellow Trench is a reminder of that. Even if I only bought it recently! #ootd mellow yellow #ootd mellow yellow #ootd mellow yellow #ootd mellow yellow #ootd mellow yellow #ootd mellow yellow #ootd mellow yellow #ootd mellow yellow DSC_0009 #ootd mellow yellow #ootd mellow yellowI will say though that I need to find a camera man or woman as it is super hard to film and/or take pictures of yourself so my head is missing in quite a few of  these shots! Oops! #ootd mellow yellow #ootd mellow yellowUntil next time people

Mwah Xx



  • Nic
    9 April, 2015 9:08 pm

    Fabulous outfit, great for a family gathering. Please smile, no need to be serious.

    • Ashleigh
      9 April, 2015 11:13 pm

      Lol. I was attempting modelesque! I failed! Ha! Will definitely smile next time!

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