Outfit Of The Day-21.01.2015

So Wednesday morning I looked at my clothes rack, we don’t have a wardrobe and I picked out an oversized jumper/sweater to wear and some skinny jeans and was very pleased with the end result.

Having a clothes rail makes getting ready so much easier, you can quickly see what you have pull it out and find accessories to go with it. I honestly do not know how I managed with a wardrobe. In fact I didn’t I always complained I had no clothes and constantly went and purchased items like I had bottomless pockets!


As a result of using a clothes rack my wardrobe is much more capsule. Due to the fact that it’s open I am forced to keep it neat and with limited space I also do not have he ability to hoard items that I will never wear like you can with others in a wardrobe.


So if you have a wardrobe that is falling apart. Then ditch the cumbersome wardrobe and buy yourself a couple of clothes rails from Ikea or someone similar. I purchased the MULIG clothes rails here


At £6.50 you really can’t complain and its a lot cheaper than a standard wardrobe.

Anyway this is the outfit I threw together…



This outfit is actually really old. The jumper was from H&M.

The black long-sleeved top is from Uniqlo.

Jeans are New Look as are the ankle boots, however they may still be available to purchase as I got these in the Christmas sales!

The hat I have had for so long and actually cannot remember where I purchased it from. 🙁


I then had a mess around with some of the filters on my phone and managed to get these out of the snap!


Don’t you just love playing dress up?!

I know I sure do!

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