Oscars 2015 | Best Picture Round Up

Oscars 2015 | Best Picture Round Up

Oscars 2015 | Best Picture Round Up 

So today is the day that the 87th Academy Awards! I love Awards season looking at the outfits that the ‘stars’ wear and the anticipation and suspense that comes with being nominated for an award and the announcement of the winner. I don’t know if that is due to the fact that I used to take drama classes and viewed awards and award ceremonies as recognition for the hard work you have put in to make a film, play or performance enjoyable and mean something to those who have watched. With films being a big part of my life I thought I would do a quick best picture nominee round-up; as I’ve seen them all and give my quick review on the films. So without further ado… Here is my Oscar 2015|best picture round-up.

American Sniper

So I have done an in-depth view of this review and you can see my thoughts and feelings on it here. This Clint Eastwood film I found to be very well-directed and an obvious contender for the Best Picture nod however I have a few issues with the propaganda within the film. It is up for 6 awards so I’m thinking it is bound to get an award for something. We shall see…


So I watched this film before I started blogging so I haven’t reviewed it on this site or in fact anywhere. In fact most of these films were seen in the pre blogging era as it is still really new to me having only done it for just over a month. Side note I love it more and more each day! Anyway back to Birdman, I will say that I found this film to be a bit of a head &*%$. I am not sure if it is because I watched it late at night I dunno. I loved the style of the film the way Alejandro González Iñárritu decided that he was going to make the film appear as if it was filmed in one single moving shot. I have never seen that before and I enjoyed that aspect of it.  I will say that I actually preferred it to American Sniper due to the propaganda issues I mentioned in my review of that film. Solid performances were had by Michael Keaton and Edward Norton. I would be surprised if Birdman wasn’t a front-runner in picking up awards this evening.


I missed this film in the cinema and had to watch it at home which was probably a good thing. I found this film to be hard going especially at almost 3 hours long. I actually watched the first 2 hours and then watched the rest the following day. I appreciated the way the children aged in the film and the fact that it was filmed over a 12 year period but the story itself fell short for me when the aged from one scene to the next without any explanation or end to the previous scene. A lot of the interesting sequences were not tied off such as Patricia Arquette’s second husband drinking issues and what happened to his children? After a while the novelty of the children ageing wore off and I found it quite jarring that they were in fact ageing; and overall found the film to be somewhat boring. Some people are predicting that Birdman or Boyhood will swoop in and get Best Picture and I concur. I would prefer if one of the underdog films get it such as Whiplash or Selma as I preferred those films and found them to be more enjoyable but hey! shrugs

The Grand Budapest Hotel

I found this Wes Anderson film to be a little eccentric actually that is a lie I found it to be very eccentric and rather amusing. I don’t think its good enough in my opinion to win best picture as there are some serious contenders in this category. I also enjoyed this film the least after Boyhood.

The Imitation Game

I found this film based on Alan Turing, the invention of the first computers known as Turing Machines and his involvement in breaking Enigma to be very well done. I found it touching, well acted and Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley gave a stellar performances! Job well done I think., hopefully they will get some recognition for their efforts. I do recommend seeing this film if you haven’t its worth a watch.


I won’t speak too much on this film as I have done a review on it already and my feelings of this film being for the most part snubbed by the Academy Awards you can find that post here. So without further ado….

The Theory of Everything

I really enjoyed this movie and I think that out of the actors nominated for best Actor that Eddie Redmayne fully deserves to win the award, in my humble opinion. he really managed to make me cry my eyes out during this film with his portrayal of Stephen Hawking.  He was charismatic and really brought i to the character making me laugh through my tears. If he doesn’t win best actor I will be really annoyed on his behalf! Perhaps its a good thing I don’t have tickets to this event I might have been forced to do a ‘Kanye’ and jump on stage and proclaim that he has been robbed. Lets hope that he isn’t and internally I wouldn’t want to do that on his behalf!

Of all the films up for best picture this is the film I enjoyed the most followed by….


This film I think is a hidden gem! The performances were extremely powerful and emotive, the cinematography, the score and the editing were superb and I think that this film is highly underrated and I believe J.K. Simmons should win best supporting actor Edward Norton would be my second choice for this award.

So this has been my brief round-up of the best picture nominees and a few choices for other categories. We shall see what happens tonight. I will be up bright and early tomorrow morning to see who the winners are/were and give my opinion on it all.

I so love awards season. Do you? Let me know…


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