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Weekend fun

Hi Guys,

So this post is a fun one. I had my friend come to visit me and we just had a girly weekend being silly and I thought it would be a prime opportunity to get her to make a YouTube video with me! I decided the British tag would be such a fun thing to do and Amy agreed!

We took some stills for the YouTube thumbnail which I have included here for amusement value.

Weekend fun Weekend fun Weekend fun Weekend fun

We had such a laugh recording it and as a result time ran away from us so the video is VERY long! Sorry about that but we were having so much fun and I just didn’t know what to cut out. I have to work on that though, I need to get more brutal with the edits. Hopefully you will watch it and think its a load of fun too.

So without further ado, here is the video….

Ah what did we do the rest of the weekend? Hmmm, went to see a theatre production called Cirkoplis by the Cirque Eloise Troupe. They were so so good. So good I had to say so twice!  They are very similar to Cirque du Soleil, if you have never heard of them before.

There was also some drinking games which I should have recorded for prosperity because laughs galore ensued! We then headed off for a night out. Now I much prefer to stay in with a face mask, pizza, some wine and a good film with a group of girls BUT I did have a good time, even if the club smelt like vomit and alcohol. I will say I have a good group of friends both new and old and moving away from my old ones I was scared I would have a hard time making new ones ( I honestly don’t know how we did it when we were younger) but I have met some lovely people and am so very happy to have met my new friends. I say new its been about 8 or 9 months since I met the newest but hey, when most of my friends I have had since secondary school; first year of uni at the very latest 9 months is very new. Anyway babbling now so I am just going to show you some photos from the weekend!

Cue some photos from the weekend!

Fun with friends girls night out

Fun with friends girls night out Fun with friends girls night out Fun with friends girls night out Fun with friends girls night out

Is there something that you normally don’t enjoy doing but have done recently that you actually really enjoyed?

How British are you? What are the best and the worst things about this land mass we call Great Britain?

Let me know as always by hitting me up in the comments and on my social media!


Until next time people…

Mwah Xx

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