Focus Movie Review

Focus Movie review
Focus Movie Review

Focus Movie review you guessed it this post is a review on the movie Focus starring Willard Smith the 3rd! Or Simply Will Smith and the gorgeous Margot Robbie. Side note I do love the name Margot it sounds lovely and chic.

So, we went to see Focus, pretty much the whole family and I; for my brother’s birthday. So this was quite the outing. They are not avid cinema goers, unlike myself! I had been wanting to see this film so I went with no hesitation, also it was my brother’s birthday so I didn’t have much of a choice but he could have made us watch the wedding ringer so for that I am eternally grateful!

The birthday boy and I shared a large bag of sweet and salted popcorn, I wasn’t impressed by the fact that the server didn’t heed my request and mix the bag all the way through so we had salt on top and sweet underneath! So annoying!

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. I know that aspects of it did stretch the realm of possibility at points but Will was on top form. He was charismatic, he was charming, he was the leading man, he was Will Smith and he was back after the disastrous After Earth.

Focus Movie review

The chemistry between him and Margot Robbie felt genuine and they actually played off each other very well. I am not sure how many films she has made I know she is in this and was in the Wolf of Wall Street, but I think she has transitioned nicely from soap opera (the Australian Neighbours) to feature films and she really held her own!

Focus is your standard con artist movie, without, however the magic tricks, there is still a serious amount of slight of hand. I can already see people comparing it to ‘Now You See Me’ which came out in 2013 starring Isla Fisher, Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo and Michael Caine among others. However, where this film accomplished something that that film couldn’t; is that these cons felt more realistic, more believable, Well in my humble opinion they did.

There has been some argument that too many people were required in Focus to allow the cons to work, That too much was left to the power or persuasion and suggestion but I dunno. I definitely preferred this one shrugs.

I often listen to Korey Coleman and Martin after I watch the film and I did that before I wrote this review and I have to say I agree with Martin this time Korey! You can check out their hilarious review below. A word of warning they use profanity so may not be suitable for younger listeners.

This film is not without its pitfalls but if you go in with an open mind you will appreciate this film and come out happy unless you are my Nan, who said, in her jamaican accent “I like it when him do action movies! Too much talk talk!”

Lol. My Nan cracks me up!

I give this film a solid  7

A worthy score? Or  perhaps I was just conned?

What do you think? Have you seen it? Do you wanna see it? Let me know by hitting me up on social media all my links are below!


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