My Top Two Protein Smoothies

My Top Two Protein Smoothies

Hi Everyone! Just a quick post to link back to my latest YouTube video ‘My Top Two Protein Smoothies’

I also have other videos relating to this check out my Green smoothies here. I have also show you how to make your own almond milk here.

I did say I would give you the stats in the video and here they are!

Chocolate, peanut butter and banana protein smoothie

Based on purchasing store bought almond breeze and store bought ‘Now” almond meal because I cannot work out the calorie count on my homemade stuff to give you a bench mark it is as follows

  • Calories 569
  • Carbs 59g (sugars 35g)
  • Fats 27g
  • Protein 26g

Strawberry, blueberry, banana vanilla protein smoothie

The same goes for this smoothie to using store almond milk and almond meal

  • Calories 635
  • Carbs 61g (sugars 47g)
  • Fats 29g
  • Protein 32g

I hope you enjoy the video. If there is anything you would like to see on YouTube channel let me know and I will try my hardest to get it up there for you.

So….Let me know in the comments or via my social media!


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See you on the next one!


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