Banana and Almond Meal Oat Porridge

DSC_0112This  incredibly yummy and photogenic food item needed to be shared! So here I am sharing! I hope you give it a try and enjoy it as much as I do! Its creamy, smooth and contains 31% if the recommended amount of calcium (roughly)

DSC_0111The recipe

This recipe is 100% Gluten free for those of you who have a wheat intolerance. It is also dairy free too!


What you will need is:

Porridge oats 30g (I used gluten free)

Half a banana ( I used frozen)

Almond Milk 150ml (I make my own recipe here)

 Almond Meal 1/4 cup (about 25g) (by product of Almond milk)

Water (optional depending on how thick you like your porridge)

and optional seeds and nuts

pistachio kernels (approximately 10 kernels)

Dried and Sweetened Cranberries 10g

Pumpkin Seeds 10g

Sunflower Seeds 10g


tip oats into the pan DSC_0106DSC_0107Add milk and your banana

DSC_0108Now bare in mind that you want the mixture to be simmering on the stove. I used half a frozen banana so this step took about 4-5 minutes of gentle stirring and mashing of the banana. If you use a fresh banana this will cook in the same amount of time as your oats; about 2-4 minutes. Add more water if the oats are too thick for you or keep on the stove to thicken up to your desired consistence. When the banana and oats are all but cooked add in the almond meal.

As I said my Almond Meal is a by product of my almond milk but you can easily purchase both from your local supermarket but where is the fun in that?! I keep mine in a freezer bag and pull it out when needed.DSC_0109Continue to cook for another minute or so just until the meal is warmed through.

chuck it into a bowl like this

DSC_0110And Garnish with the nuts, seeds and cranberries.


This is a single portion serving and will fill you up until lunch! If you want you can swap out the nuts and seeds for fresh fruit and that’s why I like this recipe so much! It is a solid base for you to mess around with and tweak until you are content.

I make my almond milk with either honey or dates and as I consume my porridge with sweetened cranberries I do not feel there is a need for a sweetener but you could use honey, syrup, stevia or regular sugar to sweeten this dish.

This is a rough guide only as I make my own almond milk and almond meal its hard to say the nutritional content (I just Know it’s healthier and tastes far superior!) However using Now almond meal and Almond Breeze almond milk and the measurements for the seeds and nuts the nutritional content is as follows:

Calories 543

Fat 28g

0g Cholesterol

57g Carbs

14g of those 57 are Fiber

Protein 17g

DSC_0113 DSC_0114 DSC_0115 DSC_0116

Try it and let me know what you think…

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