Christmas at my house!

christmas 2015

Christmas at my house!

christmas 2015

Christmas Day

Now most people know that I really can’t be bothered at Christmas time. I find this time of year slightly depressing. You know, cold and grey. If Mother Nature is being unkind, it’s wet, icy and perhaps there is a dusting of snow! Nights are long and days short all that horrible stuff! For me, winter and Christmas it’s all about the warm jumpers and dinner on the table. Oh, and Bailey’s in hand watching the obligatory Christmas Day episode of EastEnders! I literally watch it in December and the first week of January! hee hee

This yearChristmas at my house was the same as any other year, the only difference was this year my brother Christopher and I cooked Christmas dinner! It was so good! Even if I do say so myself!  My immediate family aren’t big turkey eaters so we went for the usual; ham, duck and the trimmings. We played Dominoes… If I don’t win my dad does, my dad won! We played music, pulled crackers and genuinely had a good time, taking a second to remember those that aren’t with us to celebrate.

I know you aren’t really bothered about what I gotta say, so let’s get to the pictures of the day. I tried to capture as much as possible but my family, for the most part, are pretty camera shy. They all said that the pictures could go on my blog but not my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. They didn’t say I couldn’t post links to my blog on there, though! Big mischevious smile mwahaha ha-ha

So without any further ado, pomp and flair hair is the slides of our Christmas Day…. Enjoy!


How’d you spend your Christmas? Let me know in the comments section!


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