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Ashleigh'sWorld: My 1st Vlog ashleighsworld.com

Ashleigh’s World: 1st Vlog

Hi Guys,

I’ve been gone a hot minute and I will explain why in a future post. I’m hoping writing it all down and sharing will be a cathartic experience. Hopefully that will be up this weekend.

Anyways like a month ago I went out in London one chilly Saturday afternoon with my dear friend Nickell and I thought this would be a good day to Vlog so that is exactly what I did.

It was my first foray into vlogging and it was fun. Editing all the little snippets together slightly harder but I think my editing skills are vastly improving. Besides it makes for a slightly more rustic feel not everything has to be polished sometimes the roughness is the beauty of it all. I think I will continue to use my phone rather than take out my DSLR it leads to spontaneity. If I find I begin blogging a lot I think I will purchase a small compact for Vlogging.

Do you have any recommendations for a good compact camera or perhaps even a small bridge camera? If you do please let me know in the comments section. I always prefer a genuine review that a hard sell from a guy in shop. Not gender bias just every time I go in a shop to enquire it always is a guy that ends up speaking to me.

Anyway I don’t want to ramble on too much so I will stop now and just link to the Vlog which I have posted to YouTube (where else?!)

Do any of you guys Vlog? Share your links with me in the comments so I can take a look at what you guys get up to (I’m so nosey!)

Anyways until next time! I’m uber social so hit me up on my media and say hi! Links below….


Until next time peeps

Mwah Xx

Ashleigh'sWorld: My 1st Vlog ashleighsworld.com


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