Urban Food Fest-Shoreditch

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Urban Food Fest-Shoreditch

So, on Saturday 9th May I had a super hectic day.

I met with some blogging peeps at #UFFBLOGMEET. It was such fun. This was only my second blogging meet up, so I was excited to see some familiar faces and meet some new people.

We met at Shoreditch Overground station which is the closest station. An alternative station within easy walking distance is Liverpool Street. Old Street station is bit of a push but also doable. So as you can see the Urban Food Fest is very well located. It is in a disused car park¬†and you can’t miss it. The cacophony of sound wallops you around the lug holes and smells of delicious foods punches you square on the nose and demands your attention.


I got so excited. I can’t lie. I forgot to get pictures so this post is going to be picture light. There was paella, macaroni cheese; which looked delightful, a guy serving artisan hotdogs, a cocktail bar and a normal bar, a pulled pork truck, a guy selling crepes and a Portuguese savory and sweet pastry stall. I made a beeline for the portuguese stall as I have been craving Natas for ages and they had some there. They also had carrot cake which I am a little partial to but I went with the Nata in the end.

She was selling it as a sweet custard pie. Looks like this…

urban food fest ashleighsworld.com


It was delightful but it was spoilt by a stray hair ūüôĀ I just want to interject that it definitely wasn’t mine! My hair is as curly as it can get. My curls are so tight they remind me of the spring you find in a ball point pen. This hair was super straight. I went to return the Nata but noticed that she had some customers and didn’t want to embarrass her, so I waited for them to leave. Only to be aggressively met with “Well it’s not my hair it could be anyone’s hair it could be your hair” This quite frankly annoyed me because you could take one look at me and see that it wasn’t mine. I said to her that I waited until she didn’t have any custom so not to make a scene and I just want another one. I must admit though that I am paraphrasing as my tone wasn’t the greatest.

My Nata was exchanged and I carried on with the evening. I wasn’t going to let that interaction spoil my fun! Such a shame really as she had loads of lovely desserts and I had every intention of coming back and buying a few more

urban food fest ashleighsworld.com

I also enjoyed an apple pie flavoured cocktail and a lovely Nutella, banana and chopped almond crepe, it was delectable.

urban food fest ashleighsworld.com urban food fest ashleighsworld.com

We stayed and enjoyed the entertainment on some stools that could be found dotted around. There was a singer, a magician and a comedian that we saw. I filmed this guy juggling with a crystal ball as he was so dope!

urban food fest ashleighsworld.com

Here is the video of him in all his glory….

We bloggers then hit up Dirty Martini when the sun dipped below the horizon and went to say hello to those in the southern hemisphere!

I will say though that the atmosphere is fab at Urban Food Fest, there is a great selection of stalls so everyone’s tastes are more than catered for and its open Saturday’s midday until midnight and its free you just take your pick with regards to food you want. Remember to take cash as it’s all stall based. You can find more information on their website Urban Food Fest¬†and they are also on twitter @urbanfoodfest¬†Jessica is really friendly and will even grab you some spare stools if you ask nicely!

Thanks and a shout out to Jenny and Lauren for organising another meet up

Think you will be attending any food festivals this summer? Think you will go to Urban food fest? Hit me up in the comments and on my media let me know what you’re up to!

Also….Don’t forget I want to do an #AskAsh bi monthly agony column so please send me your questions if they are personal to…

ashleigh@ashleighsworld.com if not ask on my twitter use the #AskAsh command so I can find your tweets!


 Until next time peeps

Mwah Xx


  • 21 May, 2015 8:59 pm

    I forgot about your hair drama! That was a minor blip in an otherwise awesome evening!

    • Ashleigh
      28 May, 2015 6:18 am

      Yeah It definitely was! I thought I had to be completely honest and I can’t omit that fact.

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