Fire And Stone- Covent Garden

So Yesterday I went to Fire and stone with my dear friend Amy. We were choosing to line our stomachs with some pizzas before heading to a cocktail bar chain which is dear to my heart! But I digress that really has nothing to do with the pizzas at Fire and Stone!


Amy and I both ordered the New York after serious debate and lots of ummming and aahhing as we really weren’t sure on the flavour combinations. We both chose the New York which the menu stated is:

“Oven cooked smokey bacon, garlic & rosemary roast potatoes, caramelised onions, smoked paprika, sour cream & chives”


The pizzas arrived and I took the requisite snaps!



Oh yeah and we ordered a side of polenta chips which were light and fluffy! The favour combinations were interesting, the toppings were plentiful (a complaint I have at some pizza places, where I am like… “sure you could spare it?”), if a little on the heavy side. It filled the hole and were didn’t get mad drunk when we left either which is just what I required because I just can’t deal with hangovers anymore! Well I never could to be honest! Who wants a throbbing head really?!?!?!


Would I go there again?


Sure just perhaps not on a saturday night there were a few parties celebrating whatever and on a few occasions I lost my train of thought when talking to Amy and couldn’t hear hat she was saying as they were obnoxiously loud! Now for those that know me, it doesn’t half sound like pot calling the kettle black but there is a time and a place.

I dunno, I just think I am getting old! I’m sure only  few years ago that was me….

Actually I am pretty sure obnoxiously loud was not me!

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