About Me

About Me



Hello Everyone,  I am Ashleigh and I want to welcome you to my world. This website is an extension of me and my life. I will be posting articles about anything and everything! I hope you find these posts insightful, useful and entertaining.

I originally set up this website to compliment my YouTube channel. A few people have previously said that I should get into YouTube and start a channel. People say I have nuggets of wisdom and also that I can be quite funny and personable. * Shrugs*

I never bothered with it but as more and more people told me I should and most of them didn’t know each other, I thought why not? I had recently moved in with my boyfriend quite away from home, friends and family and I thought it would be a fun hobby and would keep me from pestering the boyfriend. To me, I love being independent and this helped me keep my independence and not have to rely on him for companionship. It’s really not about being overly needy.  As it goes we are no longer together but this is essentially how my YouTube channel  was created!

There are some things I don’t think sit well with YouTube think pieces for example, so I set up this site known as Ashleigh’s World to put the plethora of things I find interesting! I should take this moment to say I am very pleased you are visiting! Thanks for stopping by!

Anyway enough with the jibber jabber, You can find out more about me in this post I wrote here.

My goals and ambitions for the future are well and truly open. I hope that this may lead me to meet new people and grow exponentially as a person. I hope that  maybe able to guest post on other websites and have people guest post here. I am open to working with brands, but only those that fit with me. One thing I won’t do is tarnish my integrity and say something is good if I really don’t think it is.

I love interacting with people so if you wish to contact me for a chit-chat or possible opportunities please do not hesitate to contact me ashleigh@ashleighsworld.com or on my social media


If you notice any errors on my site please again hit me up so I can correct them admin@ashleighsworld.com

I will leave you with this.. I promise to be honest with you and that might cause some contention as on occasion I have been known to be polarising but the views on this site unless stated otherwise are my own. So stick around and experience my world with me.